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Happy National Day, Five00 words

Today is the national day of the year again. Our school has seven days long vacation. Because I want to go out early in the morning I finished the piano, my mother let me go downstairs to my rope, Li Yunyao with skipping practice, later I have to discuss where to play the afternoon. Want to eat, go to the playground to play, but do not know the mother does not agree, holding the mentality of trying to find a mother said, I did not expect mother really agreed. My heart is happy days followed us to Li Yunyao. The weather today is not the glare of the sun without rain xixilili, is really a play for days. My father and mother took me and Li Yunyao to the Qujiang amusement park. On the way, Li Yunyao slept all the time, but I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep. It’s time for the playground. I’ll get off at once. We first sat on the ferris wheel, I sat on the Ferris tower, the turn of the top, I was scared, panic, Li Wei hugged my mother, said: “&ldquo, hurry up, let Ferris turn to the bottom, I fear it fell.”. ” can be fun exciting! We went to play down the meteor flying chair, it started slowly later very fast. I feel like an eagle flying in the sky is very fun, Li Yunyao scared to open my eyes. Then play bumper cars, I sat in the car to bring security system, then open is launched I always always chasing others, others can not escape the end where you’ll have to let me hit me being hit, really happy ah! Today we play a lot of things to laugh I could not speak out, on the way home, we were shouting singing all the way back home, it was a happy National Day!
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