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We held the winter solstice Ma Ci
I like many little friends, only had not seen Ma CI Ma CI is how to do. This evening, I finally see what others do in the home country Ma ci. We had dinner in my grandfather’s home, a grandpa’s friends come over and tell us their dinner to & ldquo; shove Ma fried rice cake & rdquo;. Dad said that we will go to see, let me go to see, but also let me know the customs of the home. Dad was very excited to say that he was young.Best price FitFlopsYe every winter solstice Eve, have held Ma CI & “Rock Chic Red FitflopRdquo; the customs and habits, thenFitFlop shoes AmazonDad and his companions together around the big people & ldquo; shove Ma fried rice cake & rdquo; for to enjoy the delicious Ma fried rice cake, which is sweet memories of my childhood. 吃完晚饭,爸爸兴高采烈地带着妈妈和我奔向村里那户打麻糍的人家,一进那户农民伯伯的家里,我闻到了一股香喷喷的味道,看见火炉上正用木桶蒸着热气腾腾的糯米饭,过了一会,他们把蒸熟的糯米饭倒进石臼里,几个大人轮流用木槌击打这个糯米团,一个大人的手一边沾着水一边不断的翻动着这个糯米团,直到把这个糯米团打糊了,才把这个糯米团放到竹匾上,我还发现竹匾的底面上铺了一层粉,爸爸说这是玉米粉和黄豆粉,两个大人迅速地用双手把这个糯米团摊成薄薄的一张大圆饼,然后在上面洒了一层芝麻和红糖,再用菜刀把大圆饼切成一块一块的麻糍,主人很客气的把多放了些红糖的麻糍分给傍边的小朋友每人一块,我也分到了一块香喷喷的麻糍,我大口大口的吃了起来,比上次妈妈买来的麻糍好吃多了。