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National Day fun Five00 words

&ldquo: bites, stings, stings, ” the annoying alarm clock wakes me up from my sleep. I rubbed my eyes and acid, mimihuhu to eat breakfast, ready to go to the bookstore to read. I took a motorcycle and went to the bookstore to read. The sun is shining, but the motorcycle but blustery, I was trembling with cold. Here we are at lastFitFlop udsalgThe bookstore, I look left, look right, pick and choose, but can not find what good books. Suddenly, my eyes lit up and I saw a Book of insects. I’m the favorite animal of dinosaurs and insects. I picked up the book of insects and sat down on my chair and read it with relish. It didn’t take long before I found an interesting insect. “ industrious worker ” cricket?. Why do they call crickets “workers”? Originally, crickets are industrious, their houses are not at ease, they are not ready. Their house but they rely on their hard, black legs, hard to dig a clod, elaborate its home. For us, it may not be a one percent effort, but it’s not easy for crickets. There are many insects such as beetles, is also very interesting, actually is “ dung beetle ”, you listen to some very sick. The dung beetle is a beetle, but it is not the same with other animal. Its food is garbage or other animals’ droppings, and it is the food that makes the mess into balls. youngTwo01Four, Women’s, Fiflop, Sandals, BlackThe dung beetle, they do not feed themselves, as long as the mother enjoy plenty of food on the line. But when they grow up, to serve its small beetles. At the time, I had to close my beloved books, unable to part to go home.
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