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National Day informative Five00 words
Today is the fourth day of National Day, though it was drizzling, but also quench not I go to Chengdu sister University happiness of the heart, the way the car is full of song writing, all day immersed in the festive atmosphere. Early in the morning, we took the car, imperceptibly came to the sister school?? Sichuan Normal University, I got out of the car, the eye is tall and magnificent buildings, the school gate hung “ &rdquo banners to celebrate National Day. I also thought I came to the park. The campus was quiet and charming. The garden of flowers and trees emitFitFlops UKBursts of fragrance. Flowers bloom around as if welcoming guests far away. There are celebrity portraits on both sides of the campus corridor. There are Confucius, Li Siguang, Beethoven, Nobel and so on. On the campus there are spacious sports ground, beautiful classrooms, style office buildings and so on. The campus is full of cultural atmosphere. After lunch, I went to the busy downtown area with my sister,FitFlops trainers saleThe flow of vehicles came and went, very lively. We went to my long-awaited &#Three9; the Pacific department store, &#Three9; there are nice clothes, I love toys, a superb collection of beautiful things items, dizzying. It was getting dark, and tears parted from my sister’s tears. At this time, I have deep feelings to sister said: ““ sister, you add oil, learn skills, for the prosperity of the motherland building blocks.”. ” on the way waved away, I secretly determined: I also like sister to do good, Study hard every day. The car ran a go by like the wind, the day of the National Day holiday I really happy, wish our motherland more beautiful. Ah, today!FitFlop udsalgIs my most happy day, is also my most unforgettable day!
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