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Happy National Day, FiveFive0 words

October 1stFitFlops for women saleIt is the national day of China, which was opened after the founding of new China. The standard of the founding ceremony was established as a new state. Because our country in October 1st is the founding ceremony, so October 1st is both our national day and the birthday of my Chinese nation. On the night of the national day, we met grandma’s house and celebrated her sister’s face with a sweet smile. Because I haven’t seen my sister for a long time, so I’m very close to my sister that day. And grandmother from the afternoon began to prepare, and that wrinkled face looks particularly old grandmother. After we had finished dinner, we took a walk home. Along the way, everywhere glittering lights, lights shining on a festive scene. The traffic on the road came and flowed. When we came to the square, there were people coming and going, bustling, full of people’s laughter. Many children chase in the middle of the square like a group of happy birds. The former stall disappeared, and replaced by countless pots of flowers form a unique flower beds, decorated the square like a colorful garden. The color of the flower beds! There are red, white, pink and yellowFitFlop tilbud… … they hold each other, seems to be in the match. The beauty of the night, the stars shining in the sky, it seems to me in the blink of an eye, back in 19Four9 October 1st, Chairman Mao announced in the Tiananmen gate to the world: “ People’s Republic of China was established, China people have stood up. ” for this day, countless ancestors paid blood and life, it is also the countless blood and life in exchange for our peace and good life today. At this moment, my heart is full of gratitude, admiration, but also for the motherland’s beauty, strength, I am very proud and proud.Fitflop Rock Chic CoffeeArticle address: http:\/\/www.diyifanwen.com\/zuowen\/guoqingjiezuowen\/1Five1Five1FourThree6TwoTwoThree710879780.htm, the next page is more exciting 1TwoThreeFourFivenext page快乐的国庆节FiveFive0字