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About the winter solstice composition 500 words
December 22nd this year is the winter solstice, the northern hemisphere day in the shortest day of the year. I’ve been in the sky of the city and it’s been in the East.2014 FitFlop 3 Black DiamondThe first ray of sunshine. And the whole world is zero in the bright sunlight. I read the above paragraph with a very cheerful tone of voice, sadness also came in my mind. I looked out of the window, a row of bare plane in the sun does not become real. Loneliness is a very magical feeling, sometimes people say that they are very lonely, very sad, just because like that feeling, not really. At least I was one of them. “ suddenly, the world suddenly in a murky sky over a dark earth, what are not ”Fitflop Trakk Chocolate New… in the past five hours, I have been listening to this song, and in a trance, silence, singing in a cycle of time, not a sound change, I think there is no change. At this time the time seems to have stalled, solidified. Zhang Xiaoxian said: “ our biggest third is time ”, just a word in my mind suddenly thought, and there is no practical meaningSupertone trainers FitFlopMeaning, for me. “ your most beloved guitar now in my room, you most want to write that song so far does not appear ”. This is the most I love the lyrics, chastity, but far-reaching. Discovered in the brilliant book, the new inside a meal, and then engraved in the mind. Huo Yan this girl and I have a kind of similar, I love the thought of. Seven seven will be a night of the winter solstice day and night grow up, I am waiting for our adult ceremony. 2005 is about to become my history, our history. Some people forget, some people remember, when it’s dark, let’s keep warm with each other.

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About the winter solstice composition 550 words
Time passes quickly, in a blink of an eye, the annual winter solstice is approaching. The winter solstice, is a very important solar term in the Chinese lunar calendar, is also a traditional festival. It is said that the winter solstice is the shortest day of the northern hemisphere throughout the day, the longest night of the day, after the winter solstice, the day will be a day longer. North dumplings in the winter solstice on that day there are sheep, and eat wonton custom. While the southern region in this day to eat Glutinous Rice Balls habit means reunion, happiness. Of course, my family is no exception. This day, my mother in the store early in the purchase of a large and small, different tastesSupertone FitFlopThe Glutinous Rice Balls. I looked at the greedy, so with his mother in the back to see my mother cook up Glutinous Rice Balls. I saw my mother dexterity, dolphin yo round dumplings lost into the boiling water, watching the white white glutinous rice balls, my mouth soon began to flow & hellip; & hellip; good for a while, glutinous rice balls cooked, mother good sugar, I carefully looked at the glutinous rice balls, muddy body and tender, like a delicate small white baby, and like wearing a white dress circleStockists FitFlopsThe Ball I can’t wait to use chopsticks clip one and put it into his mouth & mdash; & mdash; hot! Maybe it’s I eat in a hurry, followed by, gently bite, a shares of sweet smell from glutinous rice balls in flow out, across the side of the nose, really fragrant ah! The smell make me relaxed and happy, the scent imitates Buddha through my heart, make my heart warm and sweet. I can not help but say: “ Glutinous Rice Balls is really good, really sweet. &rFitFlops MensDquo; Glutinous Rice Balls, a symbol of reunion, this evening, we are one family together, watching TV together, eat Glutinous Rice Balls. Laughing, happy. I feel happy in my heart. Yes ah, now the social stability, the people’s living standards are increasing. We’re going to borrow this great chance. Study hard, in the future to be a society, the country’s contribution to the people.