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About the winter solstice of 550 words
It’s the winter solstice. Six in the morning, the alarm clock to wake me up. I smelled the smell of breakfast in the dim light.Grizzly Fitflop Freeway MenSo familiar, so kind. I just thought, today is the winter solstice, the time to eat dumplings. My mother told me to hurry up, I know, she is afraid to have hot dumplings cool. Sit down to the table, I suddenly had not woken up by an invisible force up. My subconscious told me, mom is my favorite dumplings filled with mushrooms. Don’t know is which a winter solstice, mother from the supermarket to buy back mushroom stuffing for dumplings, I fell in love with the dumplings that unique taste and chewing up the crisp feeling. This tasteBoots FitFlopThe Tao has never changed, and every winter solstice is so. So, I like the winter solstice. Although breakfast is delicious, I still go to school as usual. But, as a result of eating the dumplings, I feel very good all day. The winter solstice this day is throughout the year the longest night of the day, because I like Krishna, like street lamps shone yellow road. So, I like the winter solstice. One morning after a busy school is finally over, all the way trotted back home, because it is the winter solstice, so the whole family will go back, it feels like a little, can the reunion feeling really very happy. So, I like the winter solstice. At home, grandma asked me: & ldquo; is it cold today? Winter solstice began, but to cool, nine world number will one day than a cold, 3 you should put on more clothes ah! & rdquo; I nodded, happy laugh bent in the eye. In the winter solstice, the weather gets colder, but people’s hearts will go more closely. Heart and heart warm, let the whole winter from the winter solstice began to warm. So, I like the winter solstice. Every year the winter solstice is so, everySlippers UK sale FitFlopA year of winter solstice is the same happy. In the winter solstice, we have a lot of harvest, at the same time, we have a waiting, waiting for the arrival of spring.

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Winter solstice composition 500 words
Tomorrow is the winter solstice, the mother said today, let me put the glutinous rice balls rubbing of the addiction, I was overjoyed to said: & ldquo; okay! Okay! & rdquo; mother to glutinous rice flour and Sheung Shui, and kneading and rubbing, loose dry glutinous rice flour is mother so a rub a rub into a sticky wet mass. I extremely curious, he stretched out his hand and pulled a small, pinching, hey! Rice flour dough like how the plasticine ah? Start rubbing, mother broke off a small piece of put in the palm of your hand gently rub together. I also learned her like breaking the point put in the palm of your hand, palms close hard rub ah rub. Oh! How softly dumpling will break into pieces?? you see, mom rub small dumpling is round and smooth, do not mention how cute, see me straight anxious. Then my mother said to me, “&ldquo”, you have to be even,Shoes for women FitFlopTake it easy, eat hot tofu. & rdquo; I learned my mother gently rub up, hey! This is success!! appears rubbing glutinous rice balls and know-how?! we bang, continue to rubbing. In a little while he rubbed the two set. I looked at the pearly Glutinous Rice Balls, greedy drool with envy. Ask a mother can not cook a dish to eat, my mother said: & ldquo; good ah! & rdquo; mother bring the water to a boil, then the dumplings into the pot, one small sweet dumplings together put in the pot is low, they do not know why and the bottom of the pot so affectionate. Mother put the lid on, while the direct steaming, my mother hurried to lift the lid, ah! Dolphin Xiaotangshan round like a particle crystal white pearl in the water roll and chased. Mother put the bowl with Glutinous Rice BallsFitFlop rokkitGlobal, peanut flourWomen Bronze Fiorella Dishy, soft and delicate, but good to eat. We have a few minutes to put a plate of Glutinous Rice Balls finished, like gangbusters. Glutinous Rice Balls really is my best love.