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Winter solstice to eat mutton soup
Today is the winter solstice, my mother took me to the Xiao Guan temple that a & ldquo; concentrated mutton soup & rdquo; eat mutton soup (I don’t know why the winter solstice to eat mutton soup. Anyway, there are delicious home to eat well). There are five or six large lamb shops in two streets. We selected a &ldquo ” yipinxian mutton soup pot; a pound of mutton, 50 yuan!2014 Xosa Brown FitFlopIt is “ knock bang bang ”. (no way now is & ldquo; eat mutton peak & rdquo; every shop prices terror) of the store clerk busy joy, all the seats are booked up, fortunately we have come too early, and took a seat, later to eat but queues ah, they can there has been no seat. We are sitting comfortably to eat mutton! While we ate, while watching an endless stream of guests to come in, boss simply in the shop roared: & ldquo; before six o’clock to eat up! Otherwise would not sell! & rdquo; he is as soon as possible to let a group of guests went to eat & mdash; & mdash; business is so good ah! Mutton taste really good. There is an iron rack store, hanging only a slaughtered sheep, they constantly cut a lot of meatShoes FitFlop, and put it into our soup. (poor goats) again to add some seasoning in the soup, steaming hot dipping into the Lamb & hellip; & hellip; delicious in the evening, the place became a bustlingBest price UK FitFlopsThe city of &rdquo, “ mutton; everyone to eat mutton in be in the best of spirits, and there are people who take a pot to pack. Anyway, I’ve had a real (eat) winter solstice for the first time!