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Zhujun Garden Education Center Wenling Angeles 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; fourth grade 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; Chen Jia according to

0026 Nbsp; 0026 nbsp; the sun, bent Liu Mei, Liezhedazui, silly smile.

0026 Nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; the distance, a lonely back holding a dirty 0026 ldquo; black and white 0026 rdquoshoetique fitflop sale; dog, his face showing the expression of love and affection.

0026 Nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; the back part of Renee, a momentary feeling collected from heaven fall into hell the poor little girl.
Her hands holding a small stray dog ​​she named 0026 ldquo; 0026 rdquo ;, Xiao Lian Renee feels herself and Xiao Lian is similar, very lonely, often bullied by others.

Renee thought I was happy, successful and harmonious family, my parents and my brother is also very good on their own.
But today, parents divorced, his brother disappeared …… moment, Renee tears pouring lose control eyes, slowly flowing Xiao Lian, Xiao Lian hair getting wet, but she
meaning no escape.

Renee slowly toward the house, but Renee’s heart still struggling: No!
That is not my home!
It was just a lost family house, everything is dead!

Renee went into the bathroom, picked Xiao Lian, wash it with water.
Look at it, all of a sudden depressed mood Renee lot.
Xiao Lian is only very cute white dog, dazzling white hair, long ears drooping cheeks on both sides, and people love that look, like a princess kids fitflop.
Xiao Lian looked licked his hand, Renee pains: Why?
Xiao Lian than me happy, at least it looked poor people will feel bad, but I 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; tears again disobedient to flow from the eyes …..

Wenling cross Lake Elementary School four (4) classes

0026 Nbsp;

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pink fitflops 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; South Guo as saying the eviction, but the success?
Let us look at the following introduction.

0026 Nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; after Guo fled south, a guilty conscience.
That the king did not hear him blow yu, enumeration number, found less South Guo, they summoned the gatekeepers guards, I asked, the guards replied: 0026 ldquo; Today, he came to the Xuanwu Gate, said to be home to look after a sick mother.
I did not think, will let him out of the palace, and later privately listen to some music teacher said he would not blow yu, ignorant and incompetent.
0026 Rdquo; the king listened, sighed, and said: 0026 ldquo; people hangs in the balance, solitary thought he did not understand law of the land, or a first offense, and put him back.
0026 Rdquo;

South Guo out of the capital, to both Mexico City.
With trivial knowledge glib tongue and palace, South Guo made some Hupenggouyou, black two, all forces are also popular, living life be peaceful.
But as time goes by, the South Guo before she saved money in the house have been squandered, no one way of making money, not always.
Those little money small fortune, worked for a court musician, drawing a generous salary of South Guo, it is too small, stick to your teeth are not enough.
Time every day that passes, the pocketbook a little bit dry, we head south Guo bold idea more clear, more clear: when the king, but the whole world’s richest and most relaxing 0026 ldquo; work 0026 rdquo; a,
With me now to make of all forces, why should I not?
Thus, South Guo embarked on a more aggressive road: himself king, Rebellion.

0026 Nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; Soon, the king heard that there are only a small team of rebels, accounting for a city, and the lead is South Guo, furious: 0026 ldquo; solitary even he made Qijunzhizui have let him go
He was Rebellion.
Tiantai Fu collar fifty thousand cavalry single life as a pioneer, linking the rate of one hundred thousand cavalry of the army, the army generals after Hun Lee, the rate of ten thousand elite troops.
I will give this guy won!
0026 Rdquo;

0026 Nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; single field army arrived, suddenly encountered a rebel attack, the rebels see few other people, he rushed over.
Tian Shan and the war and back, and finally get rid of the rebels.
After the confluence of the armed forces, a single field please the king and Lee at Lee Valley ambush.
The next day, went to the challenges of single field.
Rebels see fall by the wayside again, they mobilized the army, the flood, the result of the ambush, the rebels dead, injured injuries, surrender surrender, to coincide with the Qi reinforcements arrived, immediately quitting en masse
South Guo also arrested.
King mind to kill the South Guo.

Saying that this was originally a rebel ranks by street rogue, rogue composition, much less the first battle to win is not impossible.
But they are after all a bunch of rabble, and their first new fitflop trakk black collar 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; the poor South Guo, the light has an utter words, no march to war, commanding leadership, but delusions with unrealistic goals,
end up in such a fate.
There is no historical record, is probably too short revolted, plus Terracotta Fenshukengru later, this uprising like a candle in the wind, not much light, fleeting.

Thus, I understand, things do not overconfident, man can not ignorant, or just suicidal.

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