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0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nfitflop sandals uk sale brownbsp; future is wonderful , the future is very bright .
We fantasy future , the future of our perception .
Maybe I’ll grow up to be a great man ; perhaps , after I’m just an ordinary person .
But these are not important , we imagine the future, we cherish the future.
Let us be more exciting in the future world.
Multi wonderful future , the future of many wonderful ; fitflop hooper sandals who can discern the future .
Future world rely on us to create the future for a better world for us .
Only by creating will have a wonderful , wonderful will have a future only .
The mysterious world of the future and looking forward , we have to grow up quickly , the future of secrets fitflop boots sale cheap us to be announced ; We have to grow up quickly , the future of the world , there are a pair of warm embrace.
We have to grow up quickly , the future world is wonderful, everything was born in a dream , everything is revealed in time .
We have to grow up quickly , everything in the future, the future of secrets waiting to be revealed !

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0026nbsp;0026nbsp; 我要研究会飞的车子,让人们轻松的乘坐车,在天空中开车。而且,那种车子,不会排废气,遇到危险时还会自动驾驶,让人们避免危险。
我要在学校里的每间教室里的课桌上,都有电脑。不过,那种电脑不会有辐射,里面有许许多多的floretta fitflop电子书,供学生们阅览;当学生们眼睛过度疲劳,它就会有提醒,让学生们保护眼睛。当同学们没事做时,它里面的网页,可以提供各种游戏,让他们玩的快乐起来。

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2010 One day in the morning, although I get up already to 7:55 , from the class time is only five minutes , but I am not worried, because I have my secret weapon 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; 0026 ldquo;
Obi shoes 0026 rdquo ;.

I 0026 ldquo; fitflops boots Obi Shoes 0026 rdquo; than the same size shoes , shoes, shoes fitflop pietra bronze ball to little freshman , looks almost ordinary skates , vamp has two , outside of a
layer also has a waterproof too!
Although from the outside can not see any excuse to the above , but the 0026 ldquo; rocket shoes 0026 rdquo; greatest feature is put on it, you will be able to arbitrarily to where you want .
Why 0026 ldquo; rocket shoes 0026 rdquo; so amazing?
The secret lies in its upper inside, original in its upper mezzanine where cotton , containing some computer chips , the formation of a few large systems , they are: thinking receiving system , speed selection system and the central command system .

thinking the receiving system is designed to receive the wearer’s thinking , that is, man-machine dialogue machines, by thinking receiving system , 0026 ldquo; rocket shoes 0026 rdquo; will receive the wearer’s thinking passed down to the next system .
Speed ​​selection system , as the name suggests is based on captivating electra strata black wearer’s needs , automatically select slow , medium and fast three different speeds.
The central command system is designed to open the startup program ( ie the road ) , through a central command system will need to wear shoes speed by the program starts , so that 0026 ldquo; rocket shoes 0026 rdquo; began to hit the road.

you said , 0026 ldquo; Obi Shoes 0026 rdquo; was not brought to our lives in many convenient?

look at the watch , going late, I put on 0026 ldquo; Obi Shoes 0026 rdquo ;, was thinking : Destination 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; school.
Speed: fast.
After receiving system receives thinking , put this information to speed selection system , the speed of the speed selection system input , again information passed to the central command system after start the program .
Blink of an eye , I went to the school.
Wait for me for a good other shoes, there are three minutes away from class time too!

I 0026 ldquo; Obi shoes 0026 rdquo; right!

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silent cabin came zero dilute music , dancing shoes dancing in the friction of the floor , as in dancing on the ladder of life who play by the black and white composition.
However, the sad music , as in who to tell her heart hurt ; empty eyes , like most of the people at the mercy of the puppets took the stage , the dance life , dance has always been someone else’s dream.
In front of a wall of mirrors, shaped like a giant net , tied her colorful and vivid soul.

This day should be over a five , right?
Often come before shoes, came to the mirror , there is always an invisible pressure tightly surrounds her .
She knew that her shoulder to bear not only their future , but also bear the expectations of her parents , the parents dream.
Such hope this dream to so confidently , so honest , so she does not the slightest reason to destroy , to betrayal.
So she was brought up on her parents build a stage of life , as they look forward to fight for their dreams to dance.

0026 ldquo; fact, each of us is Harry Potter , we will magic.
We can use his wand to enchant the most beautiful for his life .
0026 rdquo;

But her clear her wand , has long been lost in a long, long time before.
Memories of black and white silhouette , the carefree little girl , holding his beloved wand , read for yourself : Yu加迪姆勒维Osa , so that the whole people become floating, and then flew home to Peter Pan
never on the island , facing the sky promise never grow desire.
But God did not let her little desire to achieve .
She grew up .
When she was brought to the piano next to the parents that moment , my mother said to her : 0026 ldquo; not a magic wand , and we learn the dance bar.
0026 rdquo; mother gently pulled out her wand hands and threw it to the ground.
When she wanted to turn around to pick up the wand , swept away how she has become , but also across the divide.

high school , private junior high school , focusing on high school, prestigious universities , the delimitation of a parent for her they think that the best path in life , not knowing that she lost the magic in this article is how to see the end of the 0026 ldquo; ideal
0026 rdquo; difficult the road !
She could not stop her catching women black fiorella can not go back , she can not even her own for one do not know , illusory 0026 ldquo; future 0026 rdquo; continue to creep forward .
Inculcate ears echoed that parents and teachers : you must 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; you can not 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; You must 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip;

a dignified tutoring lessons, one tutor , a theorem formula bar , 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; everything is folded to form an airtight glass , will be another one like her lost wand
Harry Potter were detained .
In the eyes of the parents Yanyinqipan illuminated greenhouses , Harry Potter who will be his last lost a little bit of magic .

For many years many years later, she went back to the past .
She picked up years ago, her mother was left behind fitflop shoes wand.
Against the sky , said: A Lahuo wide open .
So , imprison her years of prison finally reopen their happiness holding amazing new fitflop frou flower sandals purple wand , this sky , said: We finally became Harry Potter 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip;