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Happy National Day, Five00 words

Today is the national day of the year again. Our school has seven days long vacation. Because I want to go out early in the morning I finished the piano, my mother let me go downstairs to my rope, Li Yunyao with skipping practice, later I have to discuss where to play the afternoon. Want to eat, go to the playground to play, but do not know the mother does not agree, holding the mentality of trying to find a mother said, I did not expect mother really agreed. My heart is happy days followed us to Li Yunyao. The weather today is not the glare of the sun without rain xixilili, is really a play for days. My father and mother took me and Li Yunyao to the Qujiang amusement park. On the way, Li Yunyao slept all the time, but I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep. It’s time for the playground. I’ll get off at once. We first sat on the ferris wheel, I sat on the Ferris tower, the turn of the top, I was scared, panic, Li Wei hugged my mother, said: “&ldquo, hurry up, let Ferris turn to the bottom, I fear it fell.”. ” can be fun exciting! We went to play down the meteor flying chair, it started slowly later very fast. I feel like an eagle flying in the sky is very fun, Li Yunyao scared to open my eyes. Then play bumper cars, I sat in the car to bring security system, then open is launched I always always chasing others, others can not escape the end where you’ll have to let me hit me being hit, really happy ah! Today we play a lot of things to laugh I could not speak out, on the way home, we were shouting singing all the way back home, it was a happy National Day!
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Happy National Day, FiveFive0 words

October 1stFitFlops for women saleIt is the national day of China, which was opened after the founding of new China. The standard of the founding ceremony was established as a new state. Because our country in October 1st is the founding ceremony, so October 1st is both our national day and the birthday of my Chinese nation. On the night of the national day, we met grandma’s house and celebrated her sister’s face with a sweet smile. Because I haven’t seen my sister for a long time, so I’m very close to my sister that day. And grandmother from the afternoon began to prepare, and that wrinkled face looks particularly old grandmother. After we had finished dinner, we took a walk home. Along the way, everywhere glittering lights, lights shining on a festive scene. The traffic on the road came and flowed. When we came to the square, there were people coming and going, bustling, full of people’s laughter. Many children chase in the middle of the square like a group of happy birds. The former stall disappeared, and replaced by countless pots of flowers form a unique flower beds, decorated the square like a colorful garden. The color of the flower beds! There are red, white, pink and yellowFitFlop tilbud… … they hold each other, seems to be in the match. The beauty of the night, the stars shining in the sky, it seems to me in the blink of an eye, back in 19Four9 October 1st, Chairman Mao announced in the Tiananmen gate to the world: “ People’s Republic of China was established, China people have stood up. ” for this day, countless ancestors paid blood and life, it is also the countless blood and life in exchange for our peace and good life today. At this moment, my heart is full of gratitude, admiration, but also for the motherland’s beauty, strength, I am very proud and proud.Fitflop Rock Chic CoffeeArticle address: http:\/\/www.diyifanwen.com\/zuowen\/guoqingjiezuowen\/1Five1Five1FourThree6TwoTwoThree710879780.htm, the next page is more exciting 1TwoThreeFourFivenext page快乐的国庆节FiveFive0字

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National Day informative Five00 words
Today is the fourth day of National Day, though it was drizzling, but also quench not I go to Chengdu sister University happiness of the heart, the way the car is full of song writing, all day immersed in the festive atmosphere. Early in the morning, we took the car, imperceptibly came to the sister school?? Sichuan Normal University, I got out of the car, the eye is tall and magnificent buildings, the school gate hung “ &rdquo banners to celebrate National Day. I also thought I came to the park. The campus was quiet and charming. The garden of flowers and trees emitFitFlops UKBursts of fragrance. Flowers bloom around as if welcoming guests far away. There are celebrity portraits on both sides of the campus corridor. There are Confucius, Li Siguang, Beethoven, Nobel and so on. On the campus there are spacious sports ground, beautiful classrooms, style office buildings and so on. The campus is full of cultural atmosphere. After lunch, I went to the busy downtown area with my sister,FitFlops trainers saleThe flow of vehicles came and went, very lively. We went to my long-awaited &#Three9; the Pacific department store, &#Three9; there are nice clothes, I love toys, a superb collection of beautiful things items, dizzying. It was getting dark, and tears parted from my sister’s tears. At this time, I have deep feelings to sister said: ““ sister, you add oil, learn skills, for the prosperity of the motherland building blocks.”. ” on the way waved away, I secretly determined: I also like sister to do good, Study hard every day. The car ran a go by like the wind, the day of the National Day holiday I really happy, wish our motherland more beautiful. Ah, today!FitFlop udsalgIs my most happy day, is also my most unforgettable day!
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National Day fun Five00 words

&ldquo: bites, stings, stings, ” the annoying alarm clock wakes me up from my sleep. I rubbed my eyes and acid, mimihuhu to eat breakfast, ready to go to the bookstore to read. I took a motorcycle and went to the bookstore to read. The sun is shining, but the motorcycle but blustery, I was trembling with cold. Here we are at lastFitFlop udsalgThe bookstore, I look left, look right, pick and choose, but can not find what good books. Suddenly, my eyes lit up and I saw a Book of insects. I’m the favorite animal of dinosaurs and insects. I picked up the book of insects and sat down on my chair and read it with relish. It didn’t take long before I found an interesting insect. “ industrious worker ” cricket?. Why do they call crickets “workers”? Originally, crickets are industrious, their houses are not at ease, they are not ready. Their house but they rely on their hard, black legs, hard to dig a clod, elaborate its home. For us, it may not be a one percent effort, but it’s not easy for crickets. There are many insects such as beetles, is also very interesting, actually is “ dung beetle ”, you listen to some very sick. The dung beetle is a beetle, but it is not the same with other animal. Its food is garbage or other animals’ droppings, and it is the food that makes the mess into balls. youngTwo01Four, Women’s, Fiflop, Sandals, BlackThe dung beetle, they do not feed themselves, as long as the mother enjoy plenty of food on the line. But when they grow up, to serve its small beetles. At the time, I had to close my beloved books, unable to part to go home.
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National fun 500 words
Today, October 1st is national day, my mother and I are going to Foreigner’s Street for a day. I sat on the bus bound for Foreigner’s Street, many people do not even have a gap. Fortunately, my mother and I have the seat, or would like the standing people squeezed into the port of Hamburg shuiji. In Foreigner’s Street, I saw the streets of Foreigner’s Street is really a sea of people, I do not know how many people?FitFlop salesThe world’s largest toilet. In front of the world’s largest toilet there is a huge flash of gold, the Pharaoh’s head. The toilet in the toilet a wide range, there is a crocodile’s mouth, someone’s belly, as well as the dog’s mouth, etc.. The toilet is very large, from the mountains to the top of the mountain are toilets. Then we went to the very short the Great Wall. There are so many people on the Great Wall that everyone is as big as the Great Wall. Walk down the Great Wall, I saw a big drum, there are many drinks. Tietong mineral water and toilet. Also wrote a few words: drink 3 yuan. Mineral water of $5 yuan. Toilet paper 1 yuan, please consciously put the RMB! These words are the money box of the following is. I asked: “ mother has no thieves to steal these things ”. Mother said: “ yes, but very few. The quality of these people is not good ”! Suddenly, an uncle took a bottle of drink no money JinxiangGoedkope FitFlops slippersThe son went away. I quickly went over to the uncle, said: “ uncle! To throw three yuan into the &rdquo! Uncle saw me for him, he threw the $three into. Also said to me: “ thanks to the children’s lessons &rdquo. Mom praised me is good!Unique Stylish Rokkit Attractive Unique Deep Fitflop BlueThis national day I had a good time!!!!!
National fun 500 words

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The Double Ninth Festival in memory of

Yesterday is the Double Ninth Festival, also once a year the festival for the elderly, but also at the bad news last night. A night, just as we have a joyous gathering, laughing and talking and eating dinner, my mobile phone rang, my mother answered the phone, I asked my mother who is calling, my mother told me sadly, my family lived on the third floor (aunt Gao Zumu’s mother) died, and he said, DadFitFlops sale uk bootsDad went out in a hurry. This is me, just like a bolt from the blue, eyes straight down. I can not cover up my sadness, but also can not cover up my high grandmother’s guilt … &hellip, remember that one time, I came back from schoolFitflop scarpe outletHome, no one at home, I did not take the keys, anxious. I went to the third floor door sounded the emperor’s son. She opened the door and saw me, with a kind faceFitFlops sandalsSmile. I called my mother before I got down. Block high grandmother quivering delicious meal to me, suddenly a current flow through my body. And I, and I was … … … but … every time I met great grandmother to go for a walk, I will ignore, not to say hello, as not to see, but she saw me. Now, high grandmother died, I may be too late for regrets all too late, too late, … … I never see her kindly face, don’t feel her love. The stars in the sky, please tell me, grandmother can hear me? She will forgive me? The grass on the ground, please tell me your great grandmother to sleep well? I will always remember yesterday — — Chongyang festival. Rest! Great great grandmother, a year after the festival, I will come to see you!
The Double Ninth Festival in memory of

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The Double Ninth Festival for
Sunny day, refreshing, but also to chongyang. The street for elderly service station, newspaper radio started advertising how to respecting and caring for the elderly, nursing homes, home and opened several trends. Most of the elderly service station is sincere, there is a so-called treatment instrument sales opportunity. Here just for the elderly free of charge to do a simple body measurements, there is no hurry to come up with instruments to the elderlyFitflop Boot Short Leather BlackShi ZhanhunFitFlop HerrenAll the stops, qiaosheruhuang, must let old people buy it. Some units in the double ninth day, there must be action, called for the elderly to send love, the actual units earn fame, do not send some reliable gifts, such as eye care instrument like, the elderly need not can be. Usually there are often things that exposure to nursing home abuse of the elderly, but still open to the nursing home, just change the name again. As for the quality of service has not improved, it is unknown. Based on the present social environment, many families have a child, when we get old, due to various reasons, or children, or in the field, working relationship, or their own reasons, to take care of the elderly, many people may have the opportunity to enter a nursing home with dignity, this kind of situation how to let people after worried? Really care for the elderly, not only care about the form, not only to express concern at holiday time, without the use of money and material to measure the degree of concern. In the field, a text message, a phone call, as long as it is showing sincere greetings, the elderly will be very happy. The economy is not very good, usually to help the elderly to do some housework, and the elderly chat, but also the best filial piety. As for the unit of the festival of loveCheap FitFlops UKReally, really do something for the old people, less superficial fish for fame.
The Double Ninth Festival for

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The Double Ninth Festival

Time is fleeting, imperceptibly in another year of Chongyang Festival, 99 Chongyang, represents the enduring as the universe, also represents the respect, care and love for the old. Nothing more than to the old people back, pushing the waist, or help to do some housework, in addition to these, grandma and grandpa grandma Grandpa will not let us do what. Usually, the old people always hurt us most. There is good to eat their own left us; have a good drink of their own can not afford to drink to us; I neverFitFlop DeutschlandSee grandma and grandpa Grandpa grandmother often give their children a new dress, have used the old clothes to wear; fromFitFlop crush bootsNo see grandma and grandpa Grandpa grandmother is very wasteful to buy a lot of valuable things are never able to save the province, but the rest of the money to buy us more snacks; grandparents haven’t seen one day pick me up from school late, often is sick also quite, don’t let us do at the school gate hurry. In autumn, the weather turns cold, my grandma always asks me: “ wear so little, cold not cold? ” then I will be impatient to turn to, said: “ not cold not cold. ” heart is not live too in Suo Luo blame grandma! I have no time to listen to my grandfather often finish this sentence, you put in a word: “ know, know! ” feel all day listening to a word, the ears are going to listen to a cocoon. In the final analysis is to understand the elderly, respect for the elderly. Think about what the old man did not want to get attention and respect to the younger generation? Although we may not have too much money and effort to give the elderly a warm and comfortable home, but we canFitFlop pietra SilverFrom the side of the elderly, with their little bit of love to move them.
The Double Ninth Festival

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Caring for the elderly to promote virtue

“ the blue sky is the home of the white clouds, the tree is the bird’s home, the river is the fish’s home, the beautiful Meixian is my hometown. ” I love my hometown, dream of contributing to the well-being of the home. That day, the chance finally came. It was a beautiful afternoon,FitFlops bootsTeacher I and several students to the nursing home to carry out “ Lei Feng ” activity. It was the day of Chongyang Festival, we have came to the home of their expectations, came to the door, we saw some old grandpa playing chess, then walked into the courtyard, grandparents, came up to me, an old grandma, grandma said: “ today is the Double Ninth Festival, in which we wish you are a blessing of good health! The school we are here with you to celebrate the Chongyang ” the old grandmother holding my hand, with a smile, his wrinkled face quickly said: “ good, good, good boy, thank you! ” we secretly take out from behind a small gift to myself they, the gifts we save money to buy all of them, we gratefully said: “ thank you,Shoes uk FitFlopsThank you so much, &rdquo. Then, we went to the old grandpa’s roomDamen FitFlopHelp them clean the room, folding clothes … … time passed by more than 1 hours, sweat soaked clothes back to everyone, but we looked at the clean, clean the house, a sense of happiness suddenly my heart. Before leaving, we also for the old man and the old woman presented wonderful performances, make them laugh. Look at the old people live in harmony, happy and happy picture, I feel very happy, warm.
Caring for the elderly to promote virtue

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Understanding the Chinese traditional festival – Festival
Chongyang Festival is one of our Chinese traditional festivals. The year the 9th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar is the double ninth festival. The Double Ninth Festival inHerren FitFlopAutumn is an invigorating autumn climate season. Every festival, China has a tradition of respect for the elderly enjoy autumn climbing. Therefore, the Double Ninth Festival also called the festival. China’s Tang Dynasty poet Wang Wei, made a song about the poetry festival, called the “September 9th Shandong Yi brothers”: all alone in a foreign land, during the festive season. Energy-saving, wear cornel but one person, this poem depicts in the traditional festival festival author double the thoughts of their loved ones. The Double Ninth Festival this year, my father and mother in order to understand Chinese traditional festival – Festival, we came to Beijing’s most famous mountain – climbing along the foothills of Xiangshan, we see the mountains, beautiful scenery. We also see many old people in the foothills along the climb, we climbed the mountain and saw many old people to celebrate their own festival — a festival for the elderly in Xiangshan peak. They sing and dance and celebrate in different ways. In the midst of them sat an old man and a few old grandmother, grandfather sitting on the bench with the accordion with the “Ode to joy”, the cheerful, beautiful melody, intoxicating; beside the old granny with small cymbals andFitFlop cheapestHer grandfather musical accompaniment, music in this small band is very beautiful. Surrounded by a lot of elderly people around the small band to jump and sing, make people seem to be in a fairyland on earthCHA CHA Black FitflopLike. After visiting the Fragrant Hills, my parents and I went to my grandmother’s home and grandma’s home. According to the annual festival custom, the village has issued condolences to the grandparents this year, which reflects the whole society to care and care for the elderly, care and love for the old wind spread throughout the land.
Understanding the Chinese traditional festival – Festival

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